About Rusty Frets Guitar Shop

If this is your first time stopping by Rusty Frets, we want to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to check us out!

We wanted to take a minute and let you know who we are and why we started this shop.

We believe that....

  • Your good tone shouldn't cost a fortune to achieve.
  • Your gear should last a long time so that you can focus on your music.
  • Your gear buying experience should be fun.
  • The guitar you buy should be set up the way YOU like it and ready to play when it arrives.

So, when you browse through our selection, you'll see products that we feel comfortable with as fellow musicians. They are guitars, amps, pedals and accessories that have held up well over time from companies with high quality standards, like you and I would expect from the gear we spend our hard-earned money on.

That's just a summary of why we started this shop. We want this to be a place that feels like a small town guitar shop, but can deliver great stuff without hassle or pressure. Our goal is to be available to talk to you about what you hope to accomplish musically and how you can get there. Sometimes it means that you don't even need to buy anything to get there... We're perfectly alright with that. But if you DO need to buy anything from us to get the job done, we want you to be completely at ease that you will get your gear in a timely manner, that your transaction is secure, and that you can return or exchange it if there are any issues. Ultimately, we want you to feel like we are on your team... because we are.

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